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Can We Con-vince Lombardi To Coach For SU?

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America's newspapers looking for copy editors...I'll be waiting for your call.

So the search for a new defensive line coach, quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator are ongoing for the Orange and we don't expect to hear anything anytime soon.  Rather, we shouldn't expect to know when we'll hear anything at all, given the way Doug Marrone handles business.

One rumor that seems to be making its way around the Intertubes is that Marrone would be looking at New Orleans Saints QB coach Joe Lombardi for one or both of the offensive positions. We could do much worse.

Over the last two years Lombardi has worked closely with Pete Carmichael, who has been promoted to offensive coordinator after serving as quarterbacks coach/passing game. While Lombardi helped tutor the passers throughout the last two years, he also stepped in for a brief stint as the running backs coach near the end of 2008.

Lombardi arrived in New Orleans with extensive coaching experience on both sides of the ball, most recently serving as defensive assistant for the Atlanta Falcons in 2006. While in that role, he worked with a defensive line that combined for 25.5 sacks.

We know how much Marrone likes to work with people he's worked with before and Lombardi fits the bill.  He worked under Marrone when Doug was the OC there.  He also stepped in to take over some of Doug's duties when he moved on to SU. 

That also brings us to the other part that makes sense.  Lombardi's worked under Marrone, he knows what Marrone wants to do and he's been willing to help make it happen.  That's exactly what Doug seems to be looking for in an assistant, someone who buys in.

Lombardi is an Air Force guy but he has college coaching experience all overm, including Dayton, VMI and Bucknell to go with his experience in the NFL.  AND he has XFL experience!  I don't know why that excites me but it does!

Some other folks out there are interested in Lombardi's services so if the Orange want him they best get on it.

And yes, he is the grandson of that Vince Lombardi.  You were wondering...