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Scoop Jardine Gonna Run This Town Tonight

Call it The Scoopening, I suppose.  Despite the fact that he's the sixth man on the Syracuse basketball team, everything's coming up Jardine these days.  His world domination plan is officially in effect.

Step 1. Establish a reputation as an invaluable member of the team. 

Jardine and Kris Joseph get profiled today by Mike Waters as both are coming off the bench to provide the Orange with a spark whenever needed.

Jardine said he and Joseph have even started referring to themselves as Terry and Ginobili.

"We try to be sparks off the bench, " Jardine said. "No matter how we do it, defensively or offensively, we try to make something happen."

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said he thinks of Jardine and Joseph as starters who just happen to start the game on the bench.

"We think that both Scoop and Kris are good enough to be out there all the time, " Boeheim said. "We think they're as good as our starters. We expect them to play like starters."

Step 2. Cultivate your fanbase

I just became a fan of something called The Scoop Jardine Show on Facebook.  I'm not quite sure what's going on or if Scoop is the one running it.  There are Scoop Jardine trivia questions and random notes about Scoop.  Now that I think about HAS to be run by Scoop himself, doesn't it?

Step 3.  Become a media darling

Ladies and gentlemen, The Scoop & Wes Show is back.  (with the intro!)

The Scoop and Wes Show with Donna Ditota

I'm beginning to suspect Scoop & Wes have some sort of vested, financial interest in Shut It Down T-shirt sales (no, not really...don't do digging).

Best moment is at the 1:50 mark - "You guys beat them last year...well, not you two, but your teammates beat them last year."  Watch Scoop's face...a moment of indignation that you can't miss.  Awesome.