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We're One Step Closer To The DOCTOR Gross Radio Hour

Curious news out of the Syracuse radio world today.  If you live in the area, you tune to Citadel's 1260AM to listen to ESPN radio programming, including Brent Axe's "On The Block."  Some, or all, of that will change soon now that Galaxy Communications is taking over the network affiliation in March.

A press release from Galaxy Communications says ESPN Radio will be carried at 97.7 (W247BC/Mattydale) and 100.1 (W259AX/Oswego) on the FM dial.  It will also be replacing the programming on WTLA 1200 and WSGO 1440.  ESPN Deportes will be carried by WSCP 1070 (Sandy Creek).

All the changes are due to take place on March 5, 2010.  Galaxy Communications CEO/President Ed Levine says, "While TK99 will remain the flagship of SU Athletics, you will also hear SU fotball, men’s and women’s basketball and men’s lacrosse on ESPN. We are already working on additional SU programming for ESPN, plus we will have exciting news soon about major league baseball, and NFL football play-by-play."

As for what that means to Brent and his show, according to Citadel Operation Manager Tom Mitchell, "this change in network affiliation does not affect the status of our popular local afternoon host Brent Axe."  The only issue now will be filling the other 21 hours Brent's not on the air.  Or perhaps we're seeing the beginning of The Brent Axe Radio Network, 24 hours of Cuse, Bills, Crunch and Red Sox discussion.

The good news for sports fans in the area...ESPN content on the FM dial.  Think of the seconds you'll get back not having to turn the dial from FM to AM.  It's a whole new world. 

The even better news?  The possibility of The DOCTOR Gross Radio Hour & Variety Jamboroo (name pending)

Levine said the addition of ESPN Radio to the programming on 97.7 and 100.1 could help create a home base for shows featuring SU women’s basketball coach Quentin Hillsman, SU lacrosse coach John Desko and even SU athletic director Daryl Gross.

"I have already spoken to Dr. Gross," Levine said. "I’m not sure he could commit to every week, but if even once a month he could get out to a show that would be absolutely great."

Not sure if Brent is discussing this on the air (probably not) but you might want to tune in just in case (plus Coach Mac is going on soon).  If I hear anything from Axe or otherwise, I shall update.

Update: Axe stays! "My show is going will remain on WNSS 1260 a.m. (we are ESPN Radio until March) 3-6 p.m."