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And This Is Why The BCS & Polls In General Are Dumb

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Can you imagine if each year's Super Bowl contestants were left up to a vote between the coaches of every team? What do you think would happen? Teams would have a significant bias for teams they had played, teams in their division and even for other coaches whom they were friends with or felt deserved something just because they had put in some years.  In a sense, that's how we determine who plays for the national title in college.  You already knew this, but when you dig in to the polls, namely the Coaches Poll, you truly get to see just how biased, and just plain wrong the whole process truly is.

Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly voted his team No. 1, the only coach to do so. But fellow Big East coaches Greg Schiano and Jim Leavitt tried to help the Bearcats out by putting them at No. 2.

Hey, I'm all for Big East cronyism in general.  Unofficially, we should all be voting our teams No. 1.  Hell, if asked, all Big East coaches should say the national title game should be between Cincinnati and West Virginia.  But there's no way in hell those coaches should be able to vote in a way that actually influences the teams.

And we know this is going to happen every year.  We know it and we continue to allow it and then we have to listen to jerk-offs talk about how good the system is.  It's one thing that these types of things influence who plays in what game, but when you also factor in the financial difference between playing in the national title game, a regular BCS bowl or a non-BCS bowl, these biased opinions are openly dictating where millions of dollars go. 

College football lives in 2009 but still acts like it's living in 1949.  Sorry, the Internetz and the 24-news cycle we live in does not allow these types of actions to go unnoticed anymore.  It's been said before and it bears repeating...this is the most un-American process of any sport that we have.  You do not advance based on what you do on the field.  You advance based on perception and the biased opinion of a select few who have an agenda.

Ugh, I promised myself I wouldn't write a "you know what really grinds my gears about college football" post.  There's just so many obviously dumb and idiotic reasons to hate the entire process that you can only hold out for so long.