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Daily Links - Talkin' SU Sports

Orange::44: Nunes::44 - 12/3/09
It’s time for another edition of my weekly chat with Sean of Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician fame. It’s been a few weeks, but he’s back chatting with me about football, Marrone and his staff, how awesome our basketball team is, and of course the greatest threat to our national security; the BCS.

Florida, Syracuse join top 10 college basketball power rankings - Luke Winn -
Rautins was always a solid role guy, but now, it's almost as if he's been brainwashed into becoming the Ultimate Zone Player.

Orange::44: Maine - Syracuse Preview
I’m guessing that Maine has seen some film on the 2-3 zone, but will be powerless in trying to penetrate it, much like every other team of Maine’s caliber we have seen so far this season. Look for another big Syracuse win in the non-conference season. #7/8 Syracuse over Maine by 24.

Quit Selling Your F'in Tickets to Opposing Fans @ssholes - Casual Hoya
Of the people selling their Duke tickets, over 80% are selling their tickets to UConn and Villanova, and nearly 70% are selling their tickets to Syracuse.

Syracuse University: DPS Mourns the Loss of Major Grant Williams
I remember Grant Williams very well. Always smiling and always helpful, he gave SU Public Safety a human face. Condolences and prayers to his family.

Sportsapalooza — THE CORSICANA KID

Three Idiots on Sports: Ebay Item of the Week: One Glove Wonder
Forget the late Michael Jackson, for $19.99 you can own another Mike's glove.

Notre Dame has been good for Big East football - Big East Blog - ESPN
We know that the Irish and their special relationship with the league get under the skin of a lot of Big East fans. So this next statement won't be popular, but it's true: Notre Dame has been good for Big East football the past five years.

Orangecast: Football Edition - Wrapping up the 2009 season | Orange Football Blog -
Dave Rahme notes that the Syracuse University football team, while ending the season 4-8 in Doug Marrone's first season as head coach, is a better team than last year.

Orange Fizz: Syracuse Orange Sports Blog, Recruiting and Podcasts.
"[Tyson Gulley is the] best all-around football player I've ever coached." It needs to be noted that Beanie Wells went to this high school. Wow.

A story on the SPM Sports Charity Auction