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Reason No. 476 To Dislike Pat Forde

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The funny thing is, I don't think Pat Forde is openly trying to make Syracuse fans hate him.  I think it just come naturally and he can't help himself.  To recap...

It all began innocently enough back in January when a 16-1 Syracuse basketball team mysteriously disappeared from Forde's Top 25 rankings after a loss.  What it weird is that Syracuse was 8th in the nation at the time and that loss took place on the road against a ranked Georgetown team.  How that translates to a 15+ spot idea.

The money shot came in July, when Forde released his list of the hottest rivalries in college basketball.  Not on the the list?  SU-UConn, SU-G'town or even SU-Nova.  What did make the list...Rutgers-Seton Hall. (Though, to be fair, it looks as though he'll be right in the future).

Then in August there was this lazy and downright nonsensical report on the Syracuse QB situation.  Instead of providing any real analysis, Forde just read statistics off of his press notes and made grand statements based on nothing.

The irony here is that among the quarterbacks that Paulus beat out is another one with basketball blood, Cameron Dantley, the son of Notre Dame great Andrian Dantley.

What is ironic about that again?

Things came to a head in September when Forde took to Twitter during the SU-Penn State game.  Obviously the Orange were over-matched but Forde's comments just seemed spiteful and mean.  SU fans (including yours truly) were displeased.  Word trickled back to Forde, who apparently doesn't check his responses on Twitter otherwise he would have known all of that already, and he struck.

It's come to my attention that the Syracuse faithful (I guess that's plural) took vindictive glee at the Orange avoiding the shutout vs. PSU

Congrats to the Orange for that, making my prediction wrong. Next time, Cuse, try puffing up over something more than a TD in final 5 mins.

Like an actual victory.

Therein lied the misunderstanding.  We weren't vindictive because he predicted a shutout.  We were vindictive for all of it.  The entire year's worth of goofery.

I thought we'd make it out of the year without one last parting shot across our bow.  I was wrong.

You should be watching the Champ Sports Bowl, son. RT @rickbozich Up next -- Syracuse-seton hall. Big east is a monster again.

Yes, an exhibition football game seems like time better spent than a critical December Big East basketball match-up.  And of all people to turn down the opportunity to watch a college basketball GIANT like Seton Hall, I am shocked it was Pat. 

Happy New Year, Pat.  Rutgers-Seton Hall is only two months away...just wait until you see what we have planned for you then...