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The Boys In The Bubble

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One note from The Doug Marrone Show that was somewhat non-BS-y was Marrone's statement about the possibility of a new practice facility for the Orange.

"I look at what helps our players now before I look at what cosmetically looks good to a recruit. I look at good nutrition and training to get them ready to play. An indoor training facility will really help our passing game, getting quarterbacks and receivers and also defensive backs." He said he’d discussed the indoor practice facility with Dr. Gross and he’s been "very supportive". He hasn’t talked with Chancellor Cantor but she is also very supportive. He said he couldn’t ask for more support than he’s gotten from Dr. Gross and the school.

The Greg R. Paulus Indoor Training Facility?  Or how bout the Donovan J. McNabb Bubble?  Hell, I'll even settle for the David M. Tyree Tarp-Covered Parking Lot.

Seriously though, I'm pretty sure Mark Zito nailed it when he tweeted in regard to an indoor practice facility, "I think it's called The Carrier Dome." Yeah, right?  The team pretty much practices in there most of the time anyway, don't they? 

One fun thing you can read into all of this is, combined with Doug's comment that he wants to run a "video game offense" in the future, Marrone is dead serious about turning Syracuse into a spread-out passing team.  It's been said before, but, when you play at least six games a year on turf indoors, why wouldn't you?