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That's So Raven

90's Nickelodeon Disney references?  I haz'm.

Nick Raven, who played QB for Milford Academy this past season, will be joining Syracuse as a "preferred walk-on," much to the chagrin of the hopeless walk-on.  (via Donnie Webb)

"I'm really excited," Raven said. "The coach has the program moving in the right direction and it's close to home. I feel really good. I feel I can help the team and I feel that I can do some good there."

In his senior year, Raven threw for 1,750 yards and 12 touchdowns for the [North Pocono High School] Trojans. But he didn't receive a great deal of interest from Football Bowl Subdivision schools.

So he chose to attend Milford Academy and coach Bill Chaplick in New Berlin, N.Y.

Raven also received interest from Maryland but after recently meeting with the man, the myth, the Marrone for 30 minutes, he was sold.

"He just told me that they are looking for a drop back quarterback who can run the offense and know how defenses work."

Raven didn't play too much this season due to a shoulder injury.  In what time he did have, he was 25-73 for 259 yards, 6 TDs and 11 INTs.  He's got some work to do if he wants to one-day match Greg Paulus' kind of efficiency.  Raven joins other Milford alums Mikhail Marinovich and Jake Smith on the SU roster.

Let's rock out to some Raven highlights after the jump: