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Between The Dome, MSG And Tampa, Syracuse Has A Lot Of Home Courts

Gotta love Andy Katz' logic here:

I've had a few mentions from SU fans why Orange win over Fla. at Tampa isn't a true road win. Tampa is two hours from Gainesville.

Gators don't play games in Tampa. Palestra is in Philadelphia and Saint Joe's does play games there. So Villanova gets credit for that.

If a team played Syracuse in Albany (which has happened) I wouldn't give them credit for a true road game at Syracuse.

Yes the SU game against Florida in Tampa isn't a "true" road game.  But it should count as a road game.  Every bit of logic dictates it.  You can't not give us credit for traveling to Madison Square Garden, which is four hours away from Syracuse, because it's like a home game and then not give us credit for traveling to Tampa to play Florida, which is two hours away from Gainesville.  It's one or the other.

So I'm assuming any team that plays St. John's in MSG doesn't get credit for a true road win either, right?  Cause they're based in Queens and have a home court there (Carneseca Arena).  Rules are rules.