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Q's Angels Go For History

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In the 1974-1975 season, the Syracuse women's basketball team finished the year undefeated.  Of course the entire season only lasted ten games, but that fact remains unchanged.  They play slightly longer seasons these days but the women again find themselves at 10-0 and looking to make some history.

With a win over Rider tonight in the Dome, the women's team would be off to its best start in program history.  Currently ranked 24th in the nation, the Orange are trying to keep pace with the men's team as one of only two schools left in the country with two undefeated basketball programs (Kentucky being the other).

Now granted, if you study who the Orange have played to get here, it's not exactly a murderer's row

...Beyond those Lady Hornets of Delaware State, it has engaged baked goods such as Presbyterian and Wagner, Binghamton and Ohio, Dartmouth and Alabama State, all of which resemble cinnamon danish more than they do the Connecticut Huskies.

But hey, you play to win the games and that's what Coach Q's squad is doing.  Coming off a down year, the team could use a little boost to get back into the national spotlight.  Plus it's not like they're not earning the victories with Nicole Michaels, Erica Morrow and freshman center Kayla Alexander leading the way.

The Orange follow this one up with New Hampshire on Wednesday.  After that, their first real test of the season, the 10-2 Georgetown Hoyas.  After that one, we'll know for sure where this team stands.  In the meantime though, let's enjoy the history-making start.