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Greg Paulus...NFL Quarterback?

Greg Paulus certainly acquitted himself this past season and proved he could play quarterback at a collegiate level and not embarrass himself...for the most part.  For a guy only concerned with playing college ball, Greg did well by himself and his team.  For a guy just looking to close his athletic career out on his own terms, he accomplished that en route to a life off the field that...

What was that?

Greg Paulus is going to try and go pro in the NFL?  Sonofa...

Almost a month removed from a 56-31 loss to Connecticut on Nov. 28, Paulus is out to prove to NFL scouts and coaches that he can play at the next level.

Paulus is working out at Syracuse in preparation for the school's March 4 pro day. Paulus, who had a workout with the Packers in April, said, "there has been some contact" regarding the NFL draft.

I...uh...I mean...well...ah, what the hell?  I suppose it's our fault for encouraging this.  And besides, it's probably best that we support this.  Otherwise Doug Marrone is liable to be upset for days.

Then again, there's always a silver lining here.  If things don't work out in the NFL, Greg Paulus is certain to become the greatest player in Florida Tusker history.