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Daily Links - Syracuse Football Reflections

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Syracuse University Athletics: A Season Ends and a Foundation is Laid
What does our foundation look like? We won more games than we did last year. We beat a Big 10 program and lost to another in overtime. We beat a conference team that we directly compete against for NE recruits. We played hard and never quit.

Three Idiots on Sports: Deep Thoughts on the 2009 Syracuse Football Season
Now that the 2009 SU football season is firmly in the books, complete with three assistant coaches who are now looking for jobs, here are some random thoughts on the year, where the program is headed, and Doug Marrone.

Big East stock report - Big East Blog - ESPN
Alec Lemon: The Syracuse freshman had nine catches for 140 yards and a touchdown in the loss at UConn. The Orange need big-time wideouts after Mike Williams' defection, and Lemon announced himself as an early candidate for that role in 2010.

Orange::44: Colgate - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR Another Day, Another Beatdown
The folks from Hamilton couldn’t hack it with the fine, athletic players of Syracuse. They jumped to an early lead and never looked back. #7/8 rolls big time against Colgate 92 to 58.

Orange::44: Big East Lacrosse Ready To Start
While Syracuse is a few months away from the start of another title defense lacrosse season, there is some news to report in the world of lacrosse. And an event that will start for the first time in the history of the sport. I’m talking about the Big East Lacrosse Conference

Lots of uncertainty in Big East bowl picture - Big East Blog - ESPN
While other conferences are nailing down their bowl destinations, the Big East remains almost totally up in the air heading into the final week. In fact, the league's bowl arrangements might not be settled until Sunday morning, the day when all postseason lineups are announced.

Louisville is a stepping stone job - Card Chronicle
One thing I keep hearing and have to address here is that Tom Jurich needs to avoid hiring someone who is going to treat being the front man for Cardinal football as a "stepping stone" job. Here's the thing: the head football coach position at the University of Louisville is absolutely a stepping stone job.

Kenny busts out his Cowardly Lion impression, Gregorian chants and toothpaste jokes and  to talk about the week that was in Syracuse sports:

K2P - Syracuse Orange 12/2/09 Show from on Vimeo.