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Was Jim Boeheim One Of Tiger Woods' Dalliances?

boeheim tiger
boeheim tiger

Obviously you're well aware of the Tiger Woods situation.  You're breathing and on the Internet. You know more about it than Tiger Woods does. What's always fascinating to me about these things is, once the dam breaks and we see all of the intricate pieces that were in play the entire the hell did he expect to ever get away with all of this?  Multiple girls, phone calls, different's amazing he made it this far and didn't get caught.  Especially now that we know how horrible he is at covering up (no phone password!  leaving phone messages!)

So you might remember that Tiger was in the area a couple months ago for a golf tournament.  Turns out, he was doing more than just putting.

Citing unnamed sources, Us reported that Woods had other "dalliances" [...] with a blond and a brunette at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in upstate New York."

Got me thinking...Tiger Woods was at Turning Stone.  Jim Boeheim was at Turning Stone.  Jim Boeheim WORSHIPS Tiger Woods.  Jim's used to be a brunette...or maybe he was wearing a wig...

My God...Tiger Woods and Jim's all coming together now.

It also reminded me of Jimmy's answers to a Sporting News Q&A a few months back.  There was one in particular...

  • Love to trade places for a day with...Tiger Woods.

Not today, Jimmy.  Not so much.