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Otto The Orange's Pop Culture Tour Rolls On

They say you know you've made it when The Onion writes about you.  Well, no one says that to be honest.  I'd like to think they do.  I mean, I say it.  So...there you go.

Onion's Evolution of Sports Timeline is out and they've chosen one specific mascot to represent the masses in one particular moment in time. (H/T: Menotti)



And thank God for the domestication process. Remember Otto before he was trained?

And I know this is old news for most but since Syracuse-themed products don't seem to show up in the Los Angeles-area grocery aisles (who knew?), thought it worth noting the existence of this... (H/T: TheKevo23)


No. 1, I like to think the folks at Terrell's were psyched until they found out how many logos SU required be on the packaging as well.  " orange apple?  But we're selling these in Cortland, why do we...alright fine..."

No. 2, are they certified organic?  Methinks not.