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ESPN Hearts Syracuse

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If you've been looking for the kiss of death now that Syracuse basketball is getting more hype than Balloon Boy, look no further than the fact that ESPN has officially taken hold of the reigns on the SU Bandwagon.

First up, Joe Lunardi has updated his Bracketology and look who went from 10-seed from 1-seed.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the fact that he has us playing the winner of the opening-round game means we're his top overall team.  Oh boy. Though the fact that we're in the West Region instead of the East leads to believe that's not true.  What the hell do I know... (Ed. Note - East Regional in Syracuse, so we can't play there.  Got it!)

And then of course, there's the piece de resistance in knowing that any college basketball topic is mainstream...Dick Vitale's interns are writing about it.

Syracuse has demonstrated that it will be legit power in the Big East this season.

Let's go learn something from Dick.

Think about it, the Orange were picked sixth in the Big East preseason poll after losing Jonny Flynn, Paul Harris and Eric Devendorf. Jim Boeheim has a team that has physicality in Arinze Onuaku and Rick Jackson, and versatility in All-Marco Polo Wesley Johnson.

Think about it?  Think about what?  This sentence is not an answer to a question you posed in the first one.  It's a statement of facts following a separate statement of fact.  There is nothing to think about nor did you imply that I needed to think about anything.  ARGGGGG.

The former Iowa State star has been a prime-time performer (PTP'er) and combined with outstanding guard play from three-point shooting wiz Andy Rautins and solid point guard ability from Brandon Triche and Scoop Jardine, they have proven they can compete with the best.

I love that in this paragraph he goes to the trouble of denoting what PTP'er stands for just after calling someone All-Marco Polo in the previous sentane and providing no frame of reference for that at all.  Not that I don't know what he means because it's been burrowed into my skull ad nauseum, but either this is written for Vitale Junkies (ugh) or its not. 

Am I being harsh on Dick?  Absolutely.  But tell me what you learned there?  Anything?  Was that worth spending the time to read?  No, right?  That's pretty much the same feeling you have when you listen to Vitale call a game too, isn't it? 

Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate...