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Lack Of Foot Odor One Of Syracuse's Many Benefits

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When it comes to recruiting, you take any advantage you can get.  Whatever it is that makes you better than the next guy is something worth touting.  World-class facilities, huge game-day crowds and pleasant-looking coeds are among the most obvious advantages a school can boast.  But sometimes it's the little things that differentiate a winner from a loser.

Things like, say, the distinct lack of stale jockstrap smell in a locker room.  Bud Poliquin spoke with incoming recruit Jeremi Wilkes on just such a matter.

"When I went there for my visit, I looked at the lockers in the locker room and they were perfect," reported Wilkes earlier this week. "I figured somebody, probably Coach Marrone, had to be making the guys do that. I mean, the place was so neat and clean. And it smelled good, too. That’s the first thing I said to my parents: ‘This locker room smells good in here.’ I liked that."

Whoever donated those New Car Smell air fresheners to the football program this year...kudos my friend.  Dividends have officially been paid.

Wilkes also shares some thoughts on the discipline he sees coming from SU's coaching staff.  Considering we've seen (and continue to see) so many current players jumping ship due to the perceived problem with discipline, it's refreshing and encouraging to hear an incoming player discuss how much he's looking forward to it.

"I know they haven’t won a lot lately, but that’s not that big a deal to me," Wilkes said. "There are new coaches up there and they seem like they know what they’re doing. They’re big into discipline and that’s good. I can handle that. I think that’s the way a team should be. Discipline is just as important as executing plays on the field. It makes you push and strive and want to succeed. I’m all for it."

Jeremi mentions in closing that he's never actually seen snow.  First things first, Jeremi, when you do finally get to frolic in it, don't track any into the locker room...word to the wise.