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Syracuse vs. Florida A Lesson In Bodily Function

For Florida players, you have to imagine that the challenge of going up against Syracuse's talent was a daunting one.  Especially once you stepped on the court and saw just how imposing and powerful Rick Jackson and Arinze Onuaku truly are.  It's the kind of thing that would figuratively make one poop their pants.  Or perhaps, literally...


That's a curious stain in an even more curious place on the backside of Florida's Dan Werner.  It could be shadow, I suppose.  Then again...


Yeah...I'm pretty sure he pooped his pants.

Alas, Florida wasn't the only team on hand last night attempting to evacuate the body in moments of desperation.  Not even living legends are immune to the urges of man.  Like, say, having a good pick.



The folks on the Kentucky board swear Jimmy takes a taste but after reviewing the footage I can conclusively say that Jimmy does not, I repeat, DOES NOT sample his own goods.  But he does save that hand and whatever might be on it for usage later on...


It's no Stinkpalm, but it's close.

H/T: actioncuse