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Through The Statistical Looking Glass - Syracuse QBs In The Aughts

Finally...Perry Patterson receives his vindication!
Finally...Perry Patterson receives his vindication!

How many more times will Syracuse football be played in the 00's?  None.  None more times.  Therefore, it's officially time to arbitrarily begin comparing and contrasting the various players and statistics from the last ten years in order to come up with argumentative lists that validate the importance of why we care in the first place.


Over the next couple days I'm going to throw out some breakdowns from the key positions from The Syracuse Football Decade That Shall Not Be Named.  Then we'll get into some of the bests and worsts of the last ten years.  To start off slow before we get into the opinions, let's look at the cold, hard facts...starting with the QBs. 

Thought it would be interesting to look at the top five Syracuse QBs overall from the decade (which is pretty much all of them) and then break out the top five statistical seasons therein.  Perhaps there's a surprise or two in there?  Eh...probably not.  But let's look anyway.  First up, the Top Five Overall Syracuse QBs from the Aughts! (Note: only seasons within 2000-2009 were counted, sorry Troy!)

Quarterback Comps Atts Yards Pass TDs INTs Rush TDs
Perry Patterson ('04 - '06) 456 862 5,160 25 25 6
R.J. Anderson ('00 - '03) 358 679 4,698 21 23 13
Troy Nunes ('00 - '02) 267 457 3,347 21 27 3
Andrew Robinson ('06 - '08) 175 345 2,344 14 11 0
Greg Paulus ('09) 193 285 2,025 13 14 1

You could probably argue that R.J. deserves to on the top of the list given his rushing prowess and the fact that he competed directly with Nunes during that time.  But I'm giving it to Perry based on his overall passing numbers just being a little bit better in every category.  And yes, Cam Dantley had a much better TD/INT ratio that Paulus but when you factor in Paulus' completion percentage and yardage, he gets the nod.  Not bad for one season of work.

Take from this what you will...Ryan Nassib came in 7th.

Now, onto the Top Five Syracuse QB Single-Season Performances...(Again, apologies to Troy Nunes, who had his best statistical season in 1999).

Quarterback Comp Att Yards Pass TDs INTs Rush TDs
R.J. Anderson, 2003 186 310 2,164 10 8 5
Greg Paulus, 2009 193 285 2,205 13 14 1
Andrew Robinson, 2007 154 292 2,192 13 7 0
Perry Patterson, 2006 158 300 1,865 12 4 0
Perry Patterson, 2004 168 289 1,851 7 10 3

Trying to pick that fifth one was like picking the leastest of two evils.  Cam Dantley had a much better TD/INT ratio in 2008 (11/5) but, having followed last season so closely, I couldn't bring myself to put that in over a 2004 when at least Patterson did well enough to lead the Orange to a bowl.

Picking Anderson's 2003 season over Paulus's 2009 was tough.  Paulus set all sorts of single-season records.  But those INTs really stand out.  And Anderson added much more the game on the ground that season.  I think what he lacked on a slightly less efficient passing attack he makes up for in scoring.

How'd I do?