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Handy Syracuse Basketball Stat Update

A quick look at various stats and notes showcasing where the Orange stand individually.

  • Andy Rautins is currently averaging four steals per game, tied for second in the nation and tops in the Big East.
  • Arinze Onuaku is tied for fifth in the nation with a .709 FG%.  He leads the Big East in that category.
  • Scoop Jardine is second in the Big East with 5.9 assists/game, Andy Rautins is tied for fourth with 5.0.
  • Rick Jackson is fifth in the Big East with 2.4 blocked shots per game.
  • Wes Johnson is seventh in the Big East in scoring (18.4 PPG), third in FG% (.598), third in steals (2.3), ninth in blocks (1.9), tied for eighth in total rebounds (52) and second in three-point field goal % (.552).
  • Mookie Jones leads the nation in forlorn, post-game social media diatribes (1.3 FPGSMDPG).
  • Wes Johnson leads the nation in Making Fans Say "Holy F***balls!" Per Dunk % (.725)
  • James Southerland is tied for seventh in the nation in times he last name has been misspelled by bloggers (a.k.a. Sutherland) (245).
  • Brandon Triche is tied for third in the Big East in Number Of Mean Mugging Self Portraits On Facebook Profile (11)
  • Brandon Reese is sixth in the Big East in Excited Bench High-Five % (.842)
  • Andy Rautins is second in the nation in Instances Of Writhing On The Floor Grimacing While Holding On To Ankle That Is Held Together By Polly-O String Cheese & Wishes (0.89/Game)
  • Rob Murphy leads all Big East coaches in Shutting It Down Percentage (.929)
  • Wes Johnson leads the nation in being better than everyone else at everything (1.000 %)