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Tracking The Wins Of Jim Boeheim

Because it's that kind of day...

1st win - November 26th, 1976 (Harvard, 75-48)

100th win - March 9th, 1980 (Villanova, 97-83)* 1st coach to win 100 games in first four seasons

200th win - February 14th, 1985 (Seton Hall, 94-62)

300th win - December 30th, 1988 (St. Francis, PA, 105-63)

400th win - February 27, 1993 (Providence, 68-67)* fastest to 400-wins in history

500th win - February 22, 1997 (Rutgers 92-62)

600th win - March 16th, 2001 (Hawaii 79-69)

700th win -  February 26th, 2005 (Providence, 91-66)

Back in December 2006 when I was just a young blogging pup, I tried to figure out approximately how long Jim Boeheim would have to coach in order to break Bobby Knight's all-time wins record.  I took some liberties with the folks in front of Jimmy (Calhoun and Coach K). In reality, yes Coach K is almost assuredly going to break the record long before Jimmy B gets a shot at it, though something tells me Calhoun is already coaching on borrowed time due to health issues.

Knight's total is 902.  Over the last ten seasons, the average, yearly Syracuse win-total is 25.  So some time around the beginning of the 2013-2014 season, Boeheim should pass that number, assuming he's still coaching which is not out of the question at all.  As noted, that probably won't even be the record anymore by the time Jim gets there but if he lasts that long he'll probably be able to say he is the 2nd winningest coach in the history of college basketball.

Regardless, tonight is just one more reminder as to how great the Jim Boeheim legacy is.  And this is before we even get into the 20-win seasons, Big East Championships, All-American players, NCAA Tournament appearances, Final Fours and National Title.  Whether Jim hangs it up in April or in the year 2020, he will only continue to make his legend larger.

Oh and Juli Boeheim will still be hot.