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Shirt sizes in Pittsburgh XXL, XXL, and baby elephant #BeatPitt

Pitt doesn't have attendance issues, the # of ppl that show is the amount that actually fit in the blding - most need 2 seats #beatpitt

Dave Wannstedt cuts his hair with a Flowbee. #BeatPitt

It's never sunny in Pittsburgh. #BeatPitt

Your city reeks of urine. That's all I've got. #BeatPitt

Pittsburgh: Three rivers, three ways out of town. #BeatPitt

#BeatPitt because Coach Wannstedt stole Bill Taft's mustache.

Looking for a city with multiple bridges AND crippling poverty? Pittsburgh just might be the place for you! #BeatPitt

#BeatPitt Jim Brown > Tony Dorsett

Send it in Jerome is a popular Gay Porn reference #BeatPitt

#BeatPitt #BeatSweat #BeatBodyOdor they are all one and the same

If Andrew Carnegie were alive today to see Pittsburgh, he surely would kill himself. #BeatPitt

The home of wayward former NFL coaches and Tom Selleck stunt doubles....#BeatPitt

#BeatPitt because they are simply North West Virginia. was originally titled #BeatPitt

"Little People, Big World" was originally supposed to be about Dion Lewis and Cameron Saddler. #BeatPitt

Because it's in Pennsylvania - and Pennsylvania is the worst state ever to drive through. 81 in Pennsylvania is a death road. #BeatPitt

#BeatPitt because Onondaga County > Allegheny County in the battle of names you do not want in your spelling bee.

In Pittsburgh they look forward to getting coal in their stocking on Christmas. They can trade it for food. #BeatPitt

#BeatPitt cause we don't need a Dave Wannstedt-led team losing by 30 to TCU in the Sugar Bowl

Pittsburgh students often confuse the city's "Strip District" for actual strip clubs. Awkward public nudity ensues. #BeatPitt

University of Pittsburgh: when you're too stupid for Carnegie Mellon and too much of a douche-bag for Duquesne #BeatPitt

The Cash for Clunkers program was originally intended to upgrade Pitt's female student body #BeatPitt

#BeatPitt 3-5 NC State did it, how hard could it be?

How can a city with 3 rivers running through it contain so many dirty, dirty people? #BeatPitt

#beatPitt because jesus hates them, I would know I'm a Jew

Pittsburgh is Cleveland with less culture #BeatPitt

The Oakland Zoo wasn't named for students being rowdy, but their overall unattractiveness. #BeatPitt

Worst team in the city: Panthers or Pirates? A true toss-up. #BeatPitt

Because nothing says awesome Sat. like getting bussed to a stadium you don't own to watch your team play Youngstown State. #BeatPitt

Students in Pittsburgh are too dumb to know "The Gateway Clipper" is a river boat and not a deviant sex act. #BeatPitt


Fort Pitt was important during the French & Indian War. That's about it. #BeatPitt

My cousin went to Pitt. I haven't spoken to her in years. #BeatPitt

The word "Pitt" is right in the freaking name. What else do you have to say? #BeatPitt

Because, damn it, throw us a bone here!!! It's been a rough week. #BeatPitt

New City Slogan-"Pittsburgh, Newark West" #BeatPitt

Sex "Pitt" Panther-60% of the time, we're mediocre every time. #BeatPitt

Ron Burgandy's stache > Dave Wannestedt's stache #BeatPitt

Pittsburgh was named best place to live by "Crack Cocaine Aficionado" magazine. #BeatPitt

People in Philadelphia find Pittsburgh terrible. That's saying a lot. #BeatPitt

If bridges, rivers, and sex offenders are your bag, try Pittsburgh! #BeatPitt

Pittsburgh has sister cities in Cuba and Kazakhstan. I don't even know what to say to that. #BeatPitt

#BeatPitt Genny Cream Ale > Iron City Piss

Steel Reserve: the worst think you can drink from a 40oz bottle. #BeatPitt

I've coughed up phlegm from my throat that had more promise than Pitt. #BeatPitt

"Swine Flu" is the coughing, vomiting, fever, and diarrhea that you get from banging a Pitt coed #BeatPitt

If I lived any closer to Pittsburgh, I would commit seppuku #BeatPitt

The Panthers are the NJ Jets of Pittsburgh. Everyone acknowledges their existence but no one really gives a shit. #BeatPitt

Wanny's stache isn't a fashion statement, it's a food storage device #BeatPitt

Pittsburgh: Where it's socially acceptable to have a sex offender mustache. #BeatPitt

Pitt was founded by some guy named Hugh Henry Brackenridge. Sounds like a d-bag. #BeatPitt

Pittsburgh is an old eastern European word for Pollution #beatpitt

The original name of Pittsburgh was "Pittsburro", which I believe means Pitt's Ass #BeatPitt

Mark May went to Pitt. Mark May sucks. #BeatPitt

BREAKING: "Fuck" edges out "Oh shit" for most common response to "Welcome to Pittsburgh" #beatpitt

Mike Williams purposely got into an accident to avoid playing in the armPITT of PA #beatpitt

Pittsburgh: home of the original "FUPA". #BeatPitt

#BeatPitt now because by this time next week we'll have lost another 17 players

Please don't stare directly at Wannstedt's mustache. It'll burn your retinas and probably infect your with Hepatitis C. #BeatPitt

Who is that mustachioed man with the feathered hair? Only the best 8-games-over-.500-in-college coach never. #BeatPitt

Pittsburgh used to make steel. Now it makes excuses. #BeatPitt

It's tough to talk to Pittsburgh girls. They never seem to want to remove the feed bag from the front of their face. #BeatPitt