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Syracuse 2009-2010 Basketball Preview Overload



The D.O. and Post-Standard both have their basketball previews out and it's...a lot.  I'm just gonna link out everything below and then we can meet somewhere afterwards to discuss. Get comfortable...

Arinze Onuaku hopes for healthy knees, strong season...Mike Waters

Meet forward Wesley Johnson, a newcomer with experience and skill...Mike Waters

Tough defender Rick Jackson promises an even stronger version...Mike Waters

Is Wes Johnson the best transfer in college basketball?...Donna Ditota

For Better or Worse: Stars Are Awfully Hard to Replace...Mike Waters

For Better or Worse: Sharing the Ball is Always Better...Donna Ditota

As Mike Hopkins believes he sits at the feet of a master, he's happy to wait his turn at the top...Bud Poliquin

One size fits all for forwards: The Orange's wings, like their predecessors, are long and lean...Mike Waters

Syracuse's setup men: Triche, Jardine, Rautins will get ball to the big men...Donna Ditota

You Asked, And Boeheim Answered...Jim Boeheim

Q: I would like to see SYRACUSE rather than ORANGE on the front of the home uniforms. Kentucky, North Carolina, Indiana, Kansas, Duke and others don’t put their nicknames on their jerseys. Who decides on the uniforms for Syracuse basketball?
— James Bean, Lexington, Ky.

JB: To tell you the truth, before this question I didn’t even know what was on the front of the jerseys.


Moving Forward: After losing top 3 scorers from last season, Syracuse hopes it's retooling, not rebuilding...Matt Ehalt

'It's been a long road': Wes Johnson has been just about everywhere, but he has finally found a place to call home...Conor Orr

Taking the lead: Rautins, Onuaku return for a 5th year and become the leaders of a program searching for an indentity...Andrew L. John

Diamond: Triche has bright side, but Jardine deserves chance to show his worth...Jared Diamond

Face of a program: Michael enters senior year with a chance to become SU's all-time greatest player...Brett LoGiurato

Believing the hype: Quentin Hillsman calls Juanita Ward the best he's ever coached. This is her last chance to prove it....Dider Morias