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Syracuse Football Goes Back To Work

It's about SU can do at this point.  Take care of business. 

As we heard yesterday, Wednesday's practice was the greatest practice ever to be practiced.  A couple of the suspended players for this weekend's game are still involved in practice this week and one in particular is making an impact where he can.

Always-smiling, always-glass half-full Art Jones helped cheer up the mood Wednesday. While joking that he was a "prima donna" at Tuesday's cold, outdoor practice, Jones found one silver lining. One of those suspended players, running back Antwon Bailey, has masqueraded as Pittsburgh's star freshman running back Dion Lewis to a "T" during practice.

Bailey may be suspended, but he has been serving a pretty important purpose this week.

"(Bailey) is the best scout team back I have ever had," SU defensive tackle Art Jones said. "He shook me a couple times yesterday. I was surprised. He's giving us a good look."

The QBs have gone back to work.  Before they put their heads back down for the week in preparation, Ryan Nassib had one final, classy comment on PaulusBooGate.

"Greg didn't deserve getting booed like that. He's a great competitor and great teammate. He works just as hard if not more than any player on this team."

Meanwhile around practice, Torian Phillips has returned to wide receiver from DB.  Alec Lemon was back at practice having recovered from an illness, and just in time given the WR circumstances.  Kevyn Scott has been a no-show as he battles unspecified ailments.  Jim McKenzie seems to be practicing with the O-line at center while Ryan Bartholomew has moved back to left guard. 

Oh and Doug Hogue is the current owner of The Bone.  Good for him.

Finally, Donnie Webb spoke with long snapper and back-up tight end Dalton Phillips about his role on the team as well as how a kid who lives in Clancy, Montana ends up walking on at Syracuse.

SU Senior Special Teamer Man Dalton Phillips