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Daily Links - The Syracuse Football Player Wanted Ad

Three Idiots on Sports: Wanted: Syracuse Football Players
Well, it looks like it's gotten to this point - Syracuse has lost so many football players it's time to pull an Akron and put an ad in the paper looking for players.

Texts from last night - Cuse Country
This is a harbinger of a very mediocre season to come. Early-season losses to ‘bad’ teams have been a frequent predictor of substandard overall seasons.

Big East stock report, Week 10 - Big East - ESPN
Mike Williams and the SU crowds on the downward spiral.

King Ottos World - Cuse Cast
KingOtto and Cuseman discuss all the drama in Orangeland (wishing that some of it happened next week so they have something to talk about in CCXXII). They briefly recap the Cincy game, discuss the booing of Paulus as well as the Marrone presser.

ESPN's Todd McShay says Williams dropped the ball with decision to quit | Orange Football Blog -
Mike Williams makes lots of big catches, but he dropped the big one by walking away from the Syracuse University football team with four games to go.

Rush The Court " Blog Archive " ESPN Full Court Schedule: Hope You Like Craig Brackins…
The ESPN Full Court package schedule was released a few days ago. Syracuse will be featured 8 times.

The Fan Blog: Be a fan
This team isn't embarrassing, the boos are.

The Mike Williams Rumor Mill | Bleacher Report
No matter what happens from here on out, it does not sound like it will be the last we've heard from Mike Williams.

Orange::44: Cincinnati - Postgame Reactions or Halloween Is Spooky
Well I get up and I’m all set to write my postgame reactions for Cincinnati, and then the bomb drops. Mike Williams has quit.

Your obligatory Big East primer - Searching for Billy Edelin
It's odd months removed from that epic season, the Big East isn't facing as much of a hangover as you would expect.

BtB 2009-10 Big East Preview - Blogging the Bracket
The Big East had a BIG season last year, but not quite the monster year many predicted. At the end of the year, the conference only qualified eight teams for the NCAAs, instead the nine or ten many had predicted.

So much craziness, let's return to a simpler time with Syracuse and Oral Roberts squared off in 1974.