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Coincidentally, Syracuse Has Greatest Practice Ever

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That's according to Doug Marrone who, needed something, anything to feel good about, told everyone today that today's practice was one of the best all season. How so?

"The physicaless," Marrone said. "Here we are knowing we have to go out there and put an emphasis on some physical play. The players were going after each other in that manner. The blocking, the hitting, it was exciting."

Physicaless?  I'm not sure if that's supposed to be "phyisicalness," which isn't a real word either, or Doug Marrone is just creating new phrases.  I will accept either.

The players agreed.  The hitting was so hard it even made Arthur Jones come clean about a recent transgression.

"Every hit hurt," he said. "It was a little chilly outside. I was being a little prima donna yesterday. It was fun. It was great. It was a good time. It's my last year and it's the kind of things we want to have going on. Just having fun, enjoying being with my teammates."

Marrone also mentioned he's still deciding whether or not to put Jim McKenzie back in as starter at center and he's undecided on the placekicking situation given that the Orange will be playing in the elements for the first time in a while.

As for Mike Williams and the rumors that he might be returning to the team..."not to my knowledge." Marrone was also coy about whether or not the team voted on whether or not Williams should be allowed to return, though he didn't exactly deny it.

There may have been a team vote on Monday to decide whether the Orange would welcome back Williams. Asked about the vote, Marrone today said, "that’s an internal situation. I won't comment on what we do."

Marrone also refused to say how long the suspensions for Bailey, Tiller and Ball would be but will let everyone know "at a time of his choosing."  Yessir!

While we're on the topic of SU football, read up on Jared Kimmel's knee surgery and Greg Paulus' further reaction to the boos, of which he is a gentleman of course.