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Syracuse Slowly But Surely Climbing The Polls

As always, we preface these discussions by noting that the polls ultimately mean nothing.'s nice to be liked, isn't it?

Syracuse moved up to spots in both polls this week to No. 7 in the Coaches Poll and No. 8 in the AP Poll.  SU once again received one first-place vote in the AP (thanks Dick Weiss!).  Kansas is your unanimous No. 1 and Big East teams Villanova (No. 3) and West Virginia (No. 8/No. 7) join the Orange in the top ten.

Over at my new favorite website Pollspeak, they've broken down the AP Poll by voter and uncovered some delightful factoids.  We know that all 65 AP voters included the Orange in their ballots, obviously.  And while we know who gave us the No. 1 vote, we also know who thinks the least of us.  That would be Pat Ridgell. 

Ridgell covers Colorado for The Longmont Times-Call and he puts the Orange all the way down at No. 15 this week.  Among the teams Ridgell ranks higher than 6-0 SU are one-loss Louisville (No. 14), one-loss UConn (No. 13), one-loss Tennessee (No. 11) and North Carolina (No. 12), who lost to the Orange two weeks back. 

Don't worry, he's already in the lead for Bad Voter of the Week.  As he should be.