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Shut It Down Shuts Down Those It Intends To Shut Down

shut it down
shut it down

Syracuse assistant basketball coach Rob Murphy has provided SU with an anthem for the upcoming season.  The song "Shut It Down," which was played at Midnight Madness, has officially been released into the wild for mass consumption.

The verdict?  It's what you thought it would be.  A lot of "we're better than you, you abstract anti-us entity" banter and a lot of "uh, uh, uh's"  Murph does however manage to insert some team-specific lyrics:

KJo can go, Rick Jack'll attack, Triche on the move, Wes supersmooth. Andy from deep, AO's a beast, Young Mook is real, (can't make it out), to the hoop Scoop!

There's that one piece of the rhyme I can't quite make out so I couldn't tell if that's James Sutherland's shout-out or what.  If you can figure it out, let me know.

The one giant crime on the single?  No Boeheim rapping.  I had expectations...

Proceeds from the sale of the single ($1.98 for the regular and "extended" versions) go to the Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation which helps in the fight against cancer as well as raising money for children and other charities.  Head over to iTunes to purchase it.