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Here We Go Again... (Updated)

It's the"slightly-ambiguous-but-not-really tweet/status update from an athlete after a tough night" that we've all become so accustom to seeing.


Mookie's latest update came in around 12am ET last night.  Let's see how this goes...

Update: To be fair, I suppose "thanking" might actually mean thanking and not thinking.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow and all.  But...I dunno.

Update 2: Thank God Boeheim doesn't know how to use Facebook.  In response to a friend's commnt on his FB page, Mookie unloaded this distribe a few nights ago:

Evreything is cool with me,I understand what you and evreybody saying,but I'm not a cheerleader,I been ready for this,I waited all last year,I stayed up here for 6 months,not seeing my fam,and daughter,juss so I can get better and play this,I work my a** off evreyday,I played at msg both games and we come back home and I sit till the last 5 min,I feel disrespected,I know I got 3 years,but I'm ready now,I respect cuse,coach,and team,but I got to no where I stand on this team,if I'm not in the plans,I will respected and move on,i juss want to play and go to school,not cheer for 40 min,mine as well give me some palm palms.I don't thank people understand how cold,boring,depressing sitting on the bench can be,befor people thank I'm a a*****e for this one,juss understand where I'm comming from

This ends...not well.