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Dick Weiss: Champion Of The People

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Ever since the new AP Poll came out and No. 10 Syracuse received one first-place vote, we've been dying to find out who this dark knight was.  Who was able to look past the years of poll policy that forbid voters from making week-to-week decisions rather than just sticking to their guns about what they though a month before the season started?  Who was that masked man?

Dick Weiss, that's who.

The New York Daily News sportswriter, who has fantastic hair by the way, put the Orange in the top slot, followed by Michigan State (actual No. 2), Texas (No. 3), Kansas (No. 1) and Villanova (No. 4).

Is Weiss a little biased since he covers SU?  Perhaps.  And, as Cuse Country notes, he was most likely on hand for the Cal and UNC beatdowns.  That said, it doesn't make his sentiment any less valid.  I mean, give me a good reason why Villanova, Texas, West Virginia and the rest of them should be ranked higher than us right now.  I'm waiting...