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Kings Of New York: Syracuse 87, North Carolina 71

Hey Joe Lunardi, you probably want to slide Syracuse up a couple spots from the 10-seed.

Syracuse didn't just beat North Carolina tonight.  Except for a three minute run in the 2nd half by the Heels, they dominated them.  Just like they dominated Cal the night before.  The Orange sent a message not only to their opponents but to everyone around the nation who left them out of their preseason Top 25s and wrote them off after Jonny Flynn left for the NBA.  The message was also for the reporters and coaches who predicted Cuse was the 6th or 7th best team in the Big East.  That message?

We're really f***king good, you guys.

Honestly, right now there isn't a team with a better resume so far than the Orange.  Because of the stupid preseason polls and the way everyone is a moron about them, the Orange will end up ranked No. 12 or something like that on Monday.  But as far as I'm concerned, they're the No. 1 team in the nation.  Kansas, Duke, Michigan State...they haven't done jack sh*t compared to Wes Johnson and the Orange.

Speaking of  The rumors?  True.  The potential?  There.  The excitement?  Palpable.

We'll get into the details on Monday but for now, Orange fans, bask in this one.  Football season is almost over, thank God.  And after suffering through that you now have basketball season to look forward to.  It's nice to look forward to a Syracuse sports season.  Feels like it doesn't happen as often as it used to.  But there's no denying that, at least right now, the Orange can hang with anyone in the country.

Doug Gottlieb, you may now commence your next backhanded compliment article about the Orange.  We appreciate it.