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Daily Links - Nothing Interesting Happened Today

Three Idiots on Sports: Syracuse Football Players: Doug Marrone Has Your Back
Marrone's speech was powerful - and it sends a message to every player still with the program that this coach has your back.

Orange::44: Monday Morning QB - 11/2/09
So what’s the solution? Is it time to bench Greg? JB say yes.

Three Idiots on Sports: Syracuse - Cincinnati Observations
The pass defense is obviously a problem, but they held a high-scoring offense to 28 points. A year ago against Greg Robinson, Cincy would have scored 50.

Top Six Interior Linemen | The Schottey Thirty-Six: Top NFL Draft Seniors (Defense Edition)
Arthur Jones, Syracuse—The most polished of the defensive tackles in the class, Jones treats every play like a legalized street fight.

Syracuse Returning to Spotlight -- For All the Wrong Reasons - Rob Lunn -
It's that the Syracuse Orange are relevant again. No, they aren't winning games -- let's be real. Instead, they lost their best player and helped propel Cincinnati up three spots, back to No. 5. Well done, Orange.

CitrusTV - Mike Williams quits football team
Citrus TV reports on the Mike Williams announcement.

Former Syracuse University lacrosse stars Mike Leveille, Ryan Powell make U.S. team | Orange Lacrosse Blog -
Former Syracuse University lacrosse stars Ryan Powell (2000) and Mike Leveille ('08) were among the 23 players selected to the final roster of the U.S. National Team

Bleacher Report College Basketball Season Preview Digest | Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report writers have put together an extensive preview of the upcoming college basketball season. Below are the links to every preview written for the 2009-2010 season...

Greg Paulus talking about the Cincinnati game:

Syracuse vs. Cincinnati football: Greg Paulus