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Coach Mac Displeased With The Logistics Of A Press Conference

Today's presser was the most discussion-worthy Syracuse football press conference since The Little Engine That Thought He Could. Orange Fizz posted the audio and it seems that there's more to it than just the Mike Williams bombshell and the Greg Paulus weeping. 

Lurking in the shadows is Coach Mac, enemy to Pat Dye, Methodists and, it turns out, questions at a press conference.

Around 7:30, Coach Mac (somewhat embarrassingly) scolds the media for attempting to question Marrone about Williams. What is left is mostly 12 minutes of convoluted logic, unspoken tension and an overall uneasy feeling about this program.

And then there was this:

Another intriguing moment was sparked when in the middle of a reporter asking a query, former SU head coach Dick MacPherson shouted out, "Are you opening this up to questions now? I thought there was no questions!"

Marrone then attempted to respond but Coach Mac continued, "Some people are still asking questions!

Donnie Webb of the Post-Standard rebutted saying, "Well that's why this is a press conference."

The Fizz fellas break down the entire press conference and the Mike Williams situation so give it a read.  Just don't ask any questions.  Or at least check to make sure Coach Mac isn't nearby when you do.