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Doug Marrone Will Take A Bat To Your Head If Greg Paulus Asks Him To

It's called loyalty.

Okay so maybe not. Maybe that falls outside NCAA regulations.  But the fact is, Doug Marrone believe in Greg Paulus.  If you haven't watched the opening of today's press conference I highly implore you to head over to, click on the free clip, wait patiently through the AT&T or Turning Stone ad and then watch it. 

"In the era of video games, virtual reality, it's easy to believe that throwing a pass, reading a defense, avoiding a sack is as easy as the push of a button, that any of us can do. The problem, it's not that easy. We can't do that.

"Despite the turnover and mistake that Greg made, as any quarterback makes, he's exceeded expectations at every level. I think Greg is a victim of his own success. We've seen him make great plays and great decisions and we've come to expect that from him every time. But football is a team game. People don't know when an offensive linemen misses a block or a receiver runs a wrong route. They only see the decisions that Greg makes.

"Calling for a backup quarterback and backup pitcher, backup point guard, I understand that's just a part of sports. But Greg is one of us. He grew up here. He came back to do something that's never been done before and he's poured every once of his body and soul in that task.

"Let me say this again - it's really been remarkable. If his performance and preparation and dedication drop off, then obviously it's just like every other position, that he will not be a starter for a team."

I'm one of the people calling for a change at the quarterback position, saying that Greg Paulus' time has ended and Ryan Nassib's time has come.  But after listening to Doug speak...fair enough.  If Marrone thinks the best solution for Syracuse football is to stay the course, I'll back that play.  Don't necessarily like it or agree with it, but I trust Doug to do the best thing for SU always.  Doug Marrone is a sincere dude.

Doug gets a little choked up at the end there but I'm actually willing to bet that's more about the reference to his children than to Greg Paulus.  I don't have kids but I've seen enough fathers lose it just at the mere mention of their children in a passionate discussion so...I get it.  Though it's probably also far to say that Doug sees Greg as part of his family the same way he sees all of the players (who want to be there) as members of his family.

Donnie Webb and Brian Bennett both delve into the presser as well.