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The Sum Of All Fears: Mike Williams Quits Syracuse Football

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I don't...

I just...

Please...just hold me.

Multiple sources are reporting that Mike Williams, the star WR and arguably the best player on the Syracuse football team has quit.  Doug Marrone made the announcement today. 

The story is literally developing right now so start rubbing some jalapeno in your eyes now, it's going to be a rough one.

As a reminder, Williams was suspended two weeks ago before the Akron game for undisclosed reasons though it was widely rumored to be an academic issue.  Williams was particularly evasive when asked about the specifics, saying "It was just between me and Coach Marrone."  Williams was a nominee for the Biletnikoff Award, given to the best receiver in college football.

Update 1: Donnie Webb posts the official story.

Syracuse University wide receiver Mike Williams quit the Orange football team this morning, head coach Doug Marrone said.

Williams, who was the team's leading receiver and a semifinalist for the award given to the nation's top receiver, went into Marrone's office and said he was leaving the team immediately.

Wow. This day is about to get crazy.  Especially as apparently Marrone just gave a "tear-filled" defense of Greg Paulus.

Update 2: "[Mike Williams] came up to me and voluntarily took himself off the team. That’s it.” - Doug Marrone (via D.O.)

Update 3: More from Doug Marrone on his meeting with Mike Williams: "I'm not going to discuss the conversation from my end. Obviously, I told you that he came up to me and voluntarily took himself off the team. That's it....I've been in this business long enough not to get surprised by a lot of things."

Update 4: According to Ryan Maloney, Williams made a preemptive strike. He says via Twitter: via starter on #Syracuse D: Mike Williams got into off field trouble this weekend & was to be suspended for Pitt. Chose to quit instead.