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Tobias Harris Announcement Open Thread

Because you'll need a place to vent and talk about how overrated he is when he chooses Tennessee.  Or to talk about how amazing he is if he chooses Syracuse.

Announcement on or around 6pm ET.


Update (5:51pm) - "Tons" of Syracuse fans at ESPNZone for the announcement.  Now I only hope Tobias chooses SU just so we can avoid a full-scale riot in Times Square.

Update (5:55pm) - Still no sign of Tobias.  That's fine, ESPNU is still showing the Penn State/UNC-Wilmington game.  Still some time left in that one so we might be sitting here for a while.

Update (5:57pm) - Tobias Harris has arrived.  I repeat, Tobias has arrived.  Some ""Choose Cuse'' chants go up.

Update (6:12pm) - Penn State just got beat, freeing up ESPNU.  Let's see if the day can get even better...

Update (6:22pm) - And it's Tennessee.  Well...if Syracuse fans need a reason to feel good, I've actually give them four: Fab Melo, Dion Waiters, C.J. Fair and Baye Moussa Kieta