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Daily Links - SU Women Can Jump

Big East's biggest disappointments - Big East Blog - ESPN
For half the season, Mike Williams was one of the year's best stories. Then he quickly became one of the worst. Williams ranked among the top receivers in the nation after missing all of 2008 because of academic problems. But he got embrolied in some off-the-field issues and quit the team before the Pitt game, rendering all his previous good work moot.

Syracuse punter Rob Long grips and rips it at Louisville | Orange Football Blog -
Don't blame Rob Long, he blasted back-to-back punts of 62 and 63 yards during the fourth quarter against Louisville last Saturday.

College Basketball Has the Intensity NBA Lacks - Sports
Growing up in upstate New York, Syracuse basketball meant as much to me as some people care about the Yankees. It didn't matter that Syracuse wasn't a professional team. To me it was all the same.

Orange::44: Syracuse - California Preview
If you do not know much about these two teams, you know two things; first that Syracuse is known for their 2-3 Zone defense, and that #12 California likes to shoot three pointers.

Orange Fizz: Syracuse Orange Sports Blog, Recruiting and Podcasts.
The dominos fell (in the wrong direction) and Pinkston delayed his decision, Tobias made an 11th hour visit to Knoxville, his father declared the decision had been made last night and... well, you connect the dots.

What to watch in the Big East, Week 12 - Big East Blog - ESPN
All of the Big East should be rooting for Connecticut this week as a win over Notre Dame will keep the Irish out of the Gator Bowl.

Under Pressure " Hoya Suxa
John Thompson III sits, quietly contemplating the challenge before him.

Syracuse University womens basketball strength and conditioning coach Ryan Cabiles talks about the techniques and equipment used to help increase the jumping ability of their players like freshman center Kayla Alexander.