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Syracuse Football Officially De-Boned

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If Chef Gordon Ramsay was in charge of Syracuse Football, he'd tell us to SHUT IT DOWN, YOU F***ING DONKEYS!

Derrell Smith will miss final two games with torn lateral meniscus. ...Wow.

Wow is right, sirs. Derrell Smith was the best player on Syracuse's defense all season long, leading the team in tackles, sacks and Bones. Smith held on to Scott Shafer's Bone (nh) more often than anyone else this weekend thanks to his hard hitting.

So to get you up to speed, Derrell joins Arthur Jones and the rest of the 22 scholarship players who began the year on the SU roster but whom will not be dressed when the Orange suit up for the final time in two weeks. Here's what I said last week when Art Jones went down for the count:

Alright...who's next? Can we freeze Derrell Smith, Doug Hogue and Shamarko in carbonite during the week to prevent any further injuries or mishaps?

I'm not kidding. I want Doug Hogue propped up in Jabba's Lair by 8pm or I swear to God... Is it possible to ban players who have a lateral meniscus? They seem like such flimsy things to have.

Alright, I'll say it. Let's end this football season already. It's time. The Football Gods are not messing around. Message received.

Update: Dave Rahme has the meniscus-y details:

SU sent out an email this afternoon stating that an MRI revealed a tear in the lateral meniscus in Smith's left knee. Following last week's 10-9 loss at Louisville, Smith reported increased soreness in his knee, prohibiting further activity. Surgery, which will be performed by Dr. Irving Raphael, and rehabilitation will sideline Smith for the rest of season.