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Watch Syracuse Take On Rutgers...Unless You Live In New York Or New Jersey

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The battle to be "New York City's Team" is a hotly-contested one between Syracuse and Rutgers.  If not in the minds of the fans and players, certainly in the minds of the athletic directors and marketing personnel.  So when the two teams square off, you can bet that the NYC Metro area is will have plenty of folks interested in seeing if Rutgers will continue to dominate (ugh) or if Syracuse can reclaim its crown.

So obviously, the game won't be televised in the Tri-State area.  ESPN, in it's infinite wisdom, will be broadcasting the game exclusively on  Sorry, SNY.

As for the two teams laying claim to New York City not making it on air in the New York-metro area - or anywhere for that matter - ESPN has the right to do that. An official over at the Big East office just confirmed it for me: Under the terms of ESPN’s contract with the Big East, if ESPN wants to put Rutgers-Syracuse exclusively on, it can. Regardless of what the league, or its fans, want. Or, apparently, what makes sense.

If it’s any consolation, SNY will get to air that game after the fact.

Nope.  No consolation at all.  But duly noted.

Because ESPN chose the Louisville-South Florida game over SU-RU as Big East Game of the Week, there is really no other spot on the ESPN family of networks to show it.  To bad they don't have a secondary network.  Or a college-specific network.  Or a classic network that can be hijacked to play current games.  Or agreements with local affiliates. One day, I suppose...

H/T: Bleed Scarlet