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Gross-Out Syracuse Sports History

Last week I came to you with a challenge: Search out images from some of Syracuse's finest moments, celebrations and games that happened before DOCTOR Gross' arrival and photoshop him into them in order to fulfill his destiny as the binding glue that holds our fragile athletics program together.

And boy, did you ever. DOC Gross would be thrilled to have overtaken of all of the amazing moments in Syracuse history and have made them his own. So now I've decided to choose my favorites and let you decide the winner. Vote on which one is your favorite and the winner will get their very own Shut It Down T-shirt. How's that for excitement?

I tried to keep the semifinalists true to the original core of the would DOC Gross insert himself into the story/celebration. So while I think there's some who were hysterical that aren't here, it's more because they were off-message rather than because they weren't funny. Feel free to assume that's you if your entry is not below (and place check out all the entries...great stuff).

Thanks to everyone who entered. Even OrangeChuck and his Microsoft Paint tool. Voting will end Tuesday night at 11:59 PM so cast yours ASAP.

#1 - Empyre Lounge - The email DOC Gross really wanted to send out last week


#2 - GarlicFryCubsFans - DOC Gross cutting down the nets after the 2003 National Title game


#3 - MBorowski - DOC Gross popping up at the last second while the 2003 National Title team photo is taken


#4 - S2 - Is there any doubt DOC wouldn't have gotten involved in this handoff?


#5 - Menotti - Dammit, DOC, that's just creepy.


#6 - Alex O. - Honestly, I'm surprised there isn't one of these in the works already


# 7 - The SaltineWarriors - Hold it up higher, Ernie! Focus! Remember who's moment this is!


#8 - Brando415 - DOC Gross was planting the seeds of greatness even back in 1918.


#9 - SadlerHall - You've heard of Air Gait but how bout Air Gross?