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LeBron Dunked "By," Not Dunked "On"

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Who could forget the great VideoConfiscationGate scandal from the summer and how Syracuse's own Ryan Miller was caught in the middle of it.  We'd all pretty much moved on.  At the end of the day, it wasn't as big a deal as it was made out to be.  Jordan Crawford made a heckuva dunk on LeBron, we all know LeBron is still 453 times better than Crawford and everyone can go about their lives.

Except LeBron James.  Who is not at all still bitter about the whole.  Because that's not what his random and unprovoked mention of the events and his cockamamie explanation of what happened infers at all.

Following the Cavaliers win over Utah on Saturday night, LeBron touched on the incident publicly for the first time while attempting to explain why John Starks’ dunk on MJ wasn’t in his all time top ten.

"No, it wasn’t because it was a dunk-by not a dunk-on. Starks didn’t dunk on Michael, he dunked by him. Go watch the tape again. Starks comes off the pick and drives baseline and Michael and Horace Grant come to help and he dunks by them. I mean that happens every night in the league. It was a great dunk but it wasn’t the best all-time. I mean, that is what happened to me with that kid over the summer, he dunked by me and you all made a big deal about it."

#1...I love that LeBron is pretending not to remember Crawford's name.  Nice touch.  "That kid" is not at all condescending coming from a 25-year-old.

#2. I mean, this changes everything, doesn' it?  Think of all the great posterizing dunks that we've misconstrued as when a person was dunked ON and not dunked BY. 

Think about all the times we said a pitcher threw the ball at a batter.  No he didn't, he threw the ball ON the batter.  And no one ever really scores on an NHL goalie, they just shoot BY them.  I'm beginning to understand.