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Syracuse-Louisville Postmortem

Let the throwing up inside of the mouth commence...

Syracuse University football team finds it's lonely at the bottom...Donnie Webb

"It hurts. That’s all I can say, really," said Syracuse tailback Delone Carter, who rushed for 129 yards and a touchdown in defeat. "We had it. We had it in the bag and it slipped away, slipped away from us."

Notebook: Punchless Syracuse offense has lost its way to the end zone...Donnie Webb

The Orange scored one touchdown in defeat. It has scored one touchdown in each of its last three Big East Conference games – all defeats. Of the team’s 23 total touchdowns this season, just seven of them have been in conference games.

Given a second chance, Louisville's Guy is the guy in victory over Syracuse University football team...Dave Rahme

SU-Louisville Recap...Brent Axe

Sad and surreal is about the best way you can describe the special teams effort by this team on this day. Ryan Lichtenstein did hit a 42-yard field goal, so they got that going for them, but that was the only thing that went right on this day for Bob Casullo's unit.

HOPELESS: Syracuse eliminated from bowl contention after heartbreaking loss to Louisville...Matt Ehalt

Next two games prove Syracuse's character...Matt Ehalt

A lifeless effort the next two weeks against two beatable teams will show this team to be a fraud, a team that will go against everything head coach Doug Marrone is trying to stand for in this program. It will be as if Louisville's little love tap of a blow was like Rocky hitting Ivan Drago with the left in "Rocky IV."

If this team fights, though, we'll see the true grit of this team. We'll see a team that hasn't quit on this season even with the goal lost. A team that has bought into Marrone's philosophy and is fighting hard for its coach, even with no reward at the end of the season.

Poor special teams play dooms Syracuse in loss...Matt Ehalt

"I'm going to go back to the same point. We don't have a lot of players on this team," said Marrone, the Syracuse head coach. "That's not going to be a problem in the future. When you have depth issues, it's going to affect special teams before it affects anything else."

Syracuse Football is Not Fun...Three Idiots on Sports

I usually post some observations after every game, but for this one, I'm gonna take a pass. There's nothing new to observe anyway - the offense is conservative and toothless, the special teams are increasingly inept, the O-line isn't very good, the receivers without Mike Williams are bad, Paulus is Paulus, Delone Carter runs hard, and the defense is better, but still struggles against the pass. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Monday Morning QB - 11/16/09...Orange44

I think it’s time to give the ball to Ryan Nassib and give him the vast majority of the snaps. Whether he’s the guy next year or whether it’s Charley Loeb, Ryan needs to get as much experience as he can right now. Charley obviously won’t be getting that, due to the red shirt, but it’s important for Ryan to get more experience. Quite frankly, I’m really anxious to see Charley Loeb play, and I’m curious as to how he’s been looking in practice.

Audio Slideshow: Orange football team in the deep end of the pool...Donnie Webb

Two roasts and one toast on the menu for Syracuse University football team...Dave Rahme

Had the Orange prevented Guy’s 44-yard punt return from his 11 to the SU 45 with 3:12 left it was unlikely the Cards would have pushed in the go-ahead score. They had 106 yards of offense at that point and no timeouts left. Instead, the big special-teams play supplied CPR to Louisville’s lifeless offense and set the stage for SU’s demise.

What we learned in the Big East, Week 11...Brian Bennett

It's hard to argue against the notion that the Orange have made significant improvements from the Greg Robinson era. But they're going to end up with a Greg Robinson record. Given all the roster depletion, Saturday's game at Louisville represented the last realistic shot at a victory for Syracuse, which missed an extra point and threw an interception in the final minute to lose 10-9. That means the Orange will almost certainly finish with the same 3-9 record as last year. Though Doug Marrone has done a lot of good things, this shows that it's not easy to rebuild a broken program overnight.