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Kragthorpe'd: Louisville 10, Syracuse 9

Well, that sucked.

The Big East Game of the Week "Play of the Game" was Trent Guy's 95-yard punt return for a touchdown.  The odd things was, that play was nullified by a replay that showed Guy's knee down at his own 5.  The Play of the Game was a play that didn't even happen. 

That about sums it up.

In a game that featured a scoreless first half that rivaled the worst halves of college football ever played, the Orange took a 9-3 lead late in the fourth quarter.  Bad clock management and poor special teams play, capped by the decision to punt to Guy again (he returned the ball 44 yards), led to Louisville's first TD of the day, good enough to win the game 10-9.  The difference was a blocked SU extra point.

Delone Carter played great.  The defense held its own.  The passing game was nonexistent.  Syracuse gave up a ton of turnovers.  I write the same four sentences each week.  And I just wrote them again.

The Quest for Toronto is null.  Our best chance to win a Big East game is gone.  And we just lost to lame duck Steve Kragthorpe.  Syracuse football has seen better days.