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Syracuse vs. Louisville Predictions

Brian over at Orange44 gets us rolling with a positive prediction.

I’m saying this; Syracuse should win this game despite being a shell of its former team just mere weeks ago. Syracuse is just north of Louisville in terms of offensive talent. Additionally, Syracuse is currently better at the quarterback position, even though it is a close race. That is also knowing that Greg Paulus and Ryan Nassib will split time. It would seem to be that Louisville’s rookie quarterback is just too inconsistent to be able to exploit the sub-par secondary of Syracuse. Therefore, if Syracuse can stop giving up too much through the air via the long ball, Syracuse should win the game. Syracuse over Louisville yet again 24 to 17.

Russionator paints this one in a much more painful, Colts-Jets-In-The-80's-Kinda-Way.

This game is not going to be pretty, and outside of small pockets in Kentucky and Central New York, it isn't going to be watched. For Steve Kragthorpe there are two positives, his wily silver-haired nemesis Greg Robinson is gone and his team is at home. That's enough for Steve to get his first - and most likely last - win versus the Orange. Final Score: Louisville 6, Syracuse 3

Brian Bennett at ESPN sees Kraggers eeking out the moral victory as well:

Louisville 17, Syracuse 14: For most of the year, I would have said Syracuse was the better team and would beat Louisville for a third straight year. But given all of the Orange's roster depletions -- losing start defensive tackle Arthur Jones was the latest blow -- I have to give the edge now to the Cardinals, who pushed West Virginia to the wire last week on the road. This won't be a pretty game or one that many people will want to watch, but it could be the last chance for an '09 victory for either school.

Me? I refuse. REFUSE. To live in a world where a Steve Kragthorpe-coached team beats Syracuse. I will not allow it. And I sent my good intentions out into the universe so that they may be converted into positive energy that the Syracuse football team can use to defeat Louisville. Besides, it's not like any Louisville fans will be there to offset it.

It's going to be hard for the Orange to score points from here on out. With no ability to stretch the field the Orange are even more one-dimensional than they were before. That said, Delone Carter is in a zone and SU will ride his musculature all day long (nh). Greg Paulus has a chance to really settle in and, God willing, avoid mistakes. And Ryan Lichtenstein! is ready, willing and able to kick that ball through the uprights when the Orange are unable to close the deal.


Syracuse 19, Louisville 17