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The Scoop & Wes Show Is Must-See TV

Get ready for the greatest opening sequence to a TV program since Perfect Strangers:

The Scoop and Wes Show with Donna Ditota

Kenny Haas, the bar has been raised.  Your move.

Quick, the seven best things about the latest episode of The Scoop & Wes Show.

1. The opening sequence.  Clearly the best Syracuse basketball player-related video experience since Paul Harris' rap video. (spit out the gum for five seconds, Scoop!)

2. Scoop Jardine wearing a red polo shirt.  Of course he is.

3. Wes Johnson's sweatpants.  Classy.  Don Draper over here.

4. 0:56 mark, Wes Johnson comparing what it felt like not being able to play basketball to being pregnant.  I know so many women who make the same analogy.


6. "Everybody go get your Shut It Down shirts from Marshall Street wherever".

7: 5:60 mark - Bloopers!  And Scoop commits the turnover...