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In Defense Of Steve Kragthorpe

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

I submit to you the following argument:

A. Steven Kragthorpe is a capable and competent head coach.

B. His services should be rendered in perpetuity by the University of Louisville.

You want victories?  Steve Kragthorpe gives you victories.

Fact: Louisville beat Murray State 73-10 in 2007.  Steve Kragthorpe coached that team.

Fact: Louisville beat Middle Tennessee State in 2007 and 2008.  That's twice. Steve Kragthorpe coached both those teams.

Fact: In 2008, Louisville dominated the Mediocre-To-Bad-Tennessee College Football Team circuit, beating Tennessee Tech, Memphis and Middle Tennessee State.  Steve Kragthorpe coached that team.

These are facts.

Steve Kragthorpe is an essential part to the growth of Syracuse and, in essence, the Big East.

The Big East needs Syracuse to be good.  Plain and simple.  Syracuse is one of the most tradition-rich programs in the conference and despite recent woes, the name still carries a certain weight to it.  It serves Big East football if Syracuse football is good.  And the only way for Syracuse to get better?  Win football games.  How can Syracuse win football games?  By playing teams coached by Steve Kragthorpe.

Syracuse University football has won 13 games in the last five seasons.  Here is each coach from those opposing teams and their record against SU in that time:

  1. Steve Kragthorpe, Louisville (0-2)
  2. Turner Gill, Buffalo (0-2)
  3. Rocky Hager, Northeastern (0-1)
  4. Jack Cosgrove, Maine (0-1)
  5. Joe Glenn, Wyoming (0-1)
  6. Shane Montgomery, Miami, OH (0-1)
  7. J.D. Brookhart, Akron (1-1)
  8. Ron Zook, Illinois (1-1)
  9. Charlie Weis, Notre Dame (1-1)
  10. Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern (1-1)
  11. Randy Edsell, UConn (3-1)

Illustrious company. Some of those coaches are already gone.  Many of them are sure to be shuffled loose in the coming weeks.  Every time a coach so bad that Syracuse can beat his team is let go, a Big East angel loses it's wings.  For the good of the conference and the good of America, Steve Kragthorpe must remain at your helm.

Beating Kentucky Is Overrated.

It's Kentucky Football.  By November it's basketball season and no one even remembers what that team is doing.  Seriously.  Don't even sweat it.

He's A Montanian.  Or Montanite.  Or A Person Who Hails From Montana

That's Big Sky country. And a river runs through it.  So, you know...

Plus, he went to high school with Merrill Hoge.  Hoge has a penchant for latching on to certain players and hating their very essence until the day they die.  If he feels as though his high school teammate has been wronged, he could transfer that hate to Louisville players.  Is this what you want, Cardinal fans?  Do you want Merrill Hoge shouting at you on ESPN2 at 3am and degrading your former QB?  I know I wouldn't.

Where will he go?  What will he do?

If you fire Steve Kragthorpe, what are his options?   The SMU job is taken.  And Tulsa's doing just fine, thank you.  So what's left?  Coordinator work?  PLEASE.  This Steve F***ing Kragthorpe we're talking about. 

Sure, he'll probably catch on as an NFL head coach.  Or maybe take the Notre Dame job if it's available.  I guess.  But Steve Kragthorpe was made to coach Louisville football.  He was born to coach a team who's primary color is red but continues to wear horrible black uniforms like it's 1997 back when that was trendy.  He was created to oversee the 11th Brohm brother, who is yet to be born, ascend to the throne of Louisville quarterback.  He was forged to bring Louisville fans together as one, unwavering unit, even if the issue on which they are in agreement is his competency as head coach.

In conclusion, a Louisville with Steve Kragthorpe is a Louisville for Change.  A Louisville for Hope.  A Louisville for a better tomorrow.  They say the present is a gift.  Well Louisville, that gift is Steve Kragthorpe.  And on behalf of Syracuse football, we thank you for this gift.

Thank you for your time.