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Daily Links - G-Mac's Back

Bracketology - ESPN
Syracuse is a 10-seed, proving Joe Lunardi doesn't know his ass from his elbow.

Boeheim gets 800; is he a top 10 all-time coach? | College Hoops Journal
He’ll be as famous in his city as any other college basketball coach will in theirs — including Durham and Chapel Hill. In name and scenario, there will never be another Jim Boeheim.

Syracuse looking to keep postseason hopes alive against fellow Big East bottom feeder Louisville - Sports
Syracuse will try to avoid missing a bowl game for the fifth straight year when it travels to Louisville, Ky., for a noon game against the only other winless team in Big East play. Syracuse has beaten the Cardinals two years in a row. Syracuse has not gone five years without making a bowl game since 1980-84.

Three Idiots on Sports: Steve Kragthorpe - Musical Inspiration
To say Steve Kragthorpe has not met expectations is an understatement. The guy lost to Robinson not once, but twice. He's the only coach in the country that can say that. At this pace, if he plays his cards right, Rich Rodriguez may hire him at Michigan next year.

What to watch in the Big East, Week 11 - Big East - ESPN
Syracuse-Louisville isn't going to pull in many outside viewers, but it's important for both teams. The Orange badly need something good after a string of losses both on and off the field. The Cardinals want to snap their embarrassing two-game losing streak to Syracuse. Whichever one loses may just wind up 0-7 in the Big East this year.

'Worst of the Weak' -- Michigan back at No. -1 |
Both winless in Big East play, the Orange and Cardinals finally collide to determine who is the least of the east. If you think Syracuse's scoring average of 20.3 points per game is bad (106th in the nation), get a load of Louisville's 19.0 (108th). If both defenses weren't so horrid, we'd advocate betting on the "under," which opened at 45.

The BCS is Killing This Season - Team Speed Kills
Just imagine if we has a plus one set up. Now, you've got six teams vying for four spots. A non-BCS team would probably have a shot at a national title at last, between TCU and Boise State. That is assuming of course that the loser of the SEC championship game doesn't still get a spot in the Final Four. Would the voters really do that? What kind of firestorm would occur in that scenario? That's gold, Jerry. Gold!

Villanova recruit's age in question | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/11/2009
When did Villanova turn into UConn? Looks like their 19-year-old freshman is actually 25.

G-Mac is back!