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Moving Forward: Syracuse Football 2009

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We're like sharks, people.  If we stop moving, we die. (Plus, sometimes we need others to rip open our bellies so that our unborn children can escape into the world. I know I feel that way.)

Doug Marrone's solution to the many injuries and problems that have plagued the Orange all season long?  Laughter.

"Have I done something in my life and someone's getting back at me?" he said. "I asked my wife, what have I done? I've given more money to the Catholic Church. I'm a good husband and father. Someone in this family must have done something. I asked the coaches, what they had done." know what you did, Doug.  You know...the Swedes know...and so does MI-6.  This is the only the beginning, Doug...or should I call you...Agent 99!

Believe it or not there are actually players returning to Syracuse football.  One of them is S Randy McKinnon who missed the last two games due to flu (not of the swine variety).  Aamzing, McKinnon dropped 15 pounds due to the ordeal so while he'll be dressed against Louisville, he might not be in top shape.  It's still better than watching the game from his apartment...

"I had to watch it by myself. Unfortunately, nobody could be around me," McKinnon said. "That made it even worse. I'm just inside my room, sitting up on the couch like a fan watching the game. I had to calm myself down because I was getting excited and mad at certain things. I tried to turn it a positive and still support them."

That's what we do, Randy!  We try to turn it into positives, too!

Alas, he won't be joined by Arthur Jones, who is making peace with the fact that his collegiate career is over. The man behind the megawatt smile is staying positive for sure.

"It’s time for me to move on. I’ve had a fantastic five years playing at this great university. I’m definitely going to miss it. Right now, I’ve got to go ahead with the surgery.

"When I walked around this campus yesterday, people kept saying, ‘I’m sorry. I feel sad.’ I said, ‘Don’t be. It’s football. It’s a risk you take.’"

Jones has accepted an invitation to play in the Senior Bowl, which will go a long way in showing NFL teams that he hasn't lost a step by then.

Videos of Art, Derrell Smith (who came thisclose to choosing Navy over Cuse) and Iron Brandon Sharpe, who is recovering from a concussion, after the jump...

Arthur Jones on the close to his SU football career

Derrell Smith

Brandon Sharpe Talks About His Concussion