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The BCS' Worst Nightmare

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I was reading Building the Dam's article on how Oregon State can win the Pac-10 and go to the Rose Bowl and I started thinking.  I mean, we all hate the BCS, right?  Right?  Except for the CEO of Tostitos and people who love to argue counterpoints for the sake of arguing counterpoints like Colin Cowherd, we're all pretty much in agreement that it's a horrible thing that solves nothing.  Good?  Good.

There's a lot of fun scenarios in play when it comes to the BCS, the National Championship and undefeated teams.  There's six teams that can currently stake a claim to their inclusion in the title game, all of whom have yet to be beaten.  Of course, we don't like to admit it but this is actually a fairly common scenario.  We like to pretend this the first time in history something like this has come up but it happens all the time.

And of course, the other thing we don't like to admit is that these situations usually have a way of working themselves out.  Boise State will lose a game they're not supposed to, TCU will lose to Utah, Cincinnati will run into a wall against West Virginia or Pittsburgh and then it's just a matter of who wins the SEC Championship in order to find out who plays Texas for the title.

Some a-hole will write an article about how the BCS got it right (as if the BCS did anything other than simply exist), Beano Cook will get to use words like "pageantry," TV ratings will be solid and all will be "right" with the world.

But what if...

What if just once all of the tumblers fell into place? Or in the case of this discussion...out of place.  What if every single thing that could go wrong for the BCS went wrong over the next couple weeks?  What if the BCS Doomsday Scenerio happened?  I'd like to think it would look a little something like this...


Duke shocks the world by beating Georgia Tech, Miami and Wake Forest, earning a berth in the ACC Championship game.  Their opponent is a middling Boston College but the Blue Devils ride the good feelings all the way to a league championship.

Big East

West Virginia, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh all take turns beating each other and ensure that none of them remain in the top ten.  Pittsburgh ends up winning the conference with a team full of nationally-unknown players (let's face it, no one outside the Tri-State area has even heard of Dion Lewis).

Big Ten

Iowa falls off a cliff, losing to Ohio State and maybe even Minnesota.  Ohio State meanwhile looks ahead against Michigan and loses.  Penn State stumbles against Michigan State and Wisconsin, having closed out the season with wins over UM, NW and Hawaii, sneaks into the Big Ten title.

Big 12

The Big 12 North is already a walking BCS doomsday scenario so it doesn't even really matter who emerges, but let's say Kansas State since they lack the cache of a Nebraska.  Texas loses to Kansas in a shocker just before the Big 12 Championship so they're out of the running for the title.  So when Kansas State beats them to win the Big 12, they drop out of the BCS picture altogether.


TCU cuts a swath through it's remaining competition and easily finishes the season undefeated.


A myriad of things have to happen for Oregon State to emerge as the Pac-10 champions...but let's just assume they do.


Florida's and Alabama are already set for the SEC Championship.  But let's say along the way both falter. Maybe Auburn shocks the Tide and Spurrier pulls something out of his butt this weekend.  Now the cache is gone.  And because Alabama is slightly less Tebow-ish than Florida, we're gonna make sure the Crimson Tide win.


Boise State wins out.  Obviously.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the most fantastic trainwreck of BCS Bowls you've ever seen.  It's glorious.

National Championship - TCU vs. Boise State

Rose Bowl - Oregon State vs. Wisconsin

Orange Bowl - Pittsburgh vs. Duke

Sugar Bowl - LSU vs. Georgia Tech

Fiesta Bowl - Kansas State vs. Alabama

Football Gods, please....make it happen.