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Syracuse Orange, Or What's Left Of Them, Prepare For Louisville

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When the season started, SU fans looked to Mike Williams, Arthur Jones and Greg Paulus to lead us back to respectability. 

Ten weeks later, one of those guys quit, another was lost to injury and the third is doing his best but it's just not enough on his own.  After all of the defections, injuries, suspensions and quitters, the Syracuse Orange are left with 60 or so players on a roster that once had over 80.  On the verge of missing out on a bowl for the fifth-consecutive year, SU could pack it in, call it a day and not many would blame them.  Of course, Doug Marrone wouldn't let that happen.  And neither would the players still standing.

"You think about that for a second and then you try to figure out ways in order for the team to be successful without a guy or two, or what we might need to do with personnel or switching it up," Paulus said. "We're going to miss them .We feel bad that those types of things have to happen. It's a part of the game and it's time to get ready for the next one."

This will be the Orange's first full game with NFL prospect Arthur Jones and he will be missed on the field and in the huddle.  Especially by the young players like Shamarko:

"It's a big loss because he was the captain of the defense," Thomas said. "He ran us, he kept us motivated in the games. He's a NFL player. He was one of the best. It's not going to bring us down. It's going to motivate us to push harder to make this season better." did not want a motivated Shamarko.  You did not need a motivated Shamarko.  But you are going to get a motivated Shamarko.  Gird your loins.