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Daily Links - Make A Decision, Tobias!

Orange Fizz: Exclusive Interview With Tobias Harris' Coach
"He likes the fact that everyone has a huge following. He goes to a Tennessee football game and has 104,000 people chanting his name. The thing he loves about Syracuse is how many New Yorkers are there. Long Island is a huge feeder into Syracuse, so I think he felt comfortable with that."

Orange::44: Syracuse - Pittsburgh Postgame Reactions OR Wow Did That SUck!
Syracuse lasted for a little less than a half of football before Pittsburgh poured it on. Then Syracuse turned into the Syracuse of last year and failed on both ends of the ball for basically the rest of the game. Syracuse looked good early, but it was clearly not meant to be. Pittsburgh rolls over Syracuse 37 to ten.

Syracuse University Athletics - Orange to Host Rutgers at 3:30 p.m. for Senior Day
Syracuse's Senior Day football game against Rutgers on Saturday, November 21 will kick off at 3:30 p.m.

LeMoyne'd - Storming the Floor University
To suffer a home defeat at the hands of a vastly overmatched regional foe. (ex: You guys are playing an exhibition against Missouri-Branson? Watch out you don't get LeMoyne'd!)

Nick Friedell's Blog - Rock, chalk ... rematch? - ESPN Chicago
Kirk Hinrich recalls his meeting with Carmelo Anthony in the '03 NCAA championship...and he'd rather not.

This ‘Cuse Squad is a New Shade of Orange |
Despite losing 3 starters, this year’s team enters the season ranked 25th in the nation. Jim Boeheim has some talent coming in to replace Flynn, Harris, Devo and the energetic Kristof Ogenaut. Before we take a look at this year’s newcomers, a quick history lesson.

Kragthorpe asks fans to support players - Big East - ESPN
Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe made an appeal to his fans to come out and support the team in its final two home games, even if they want him fired.

The 2009-2010 Card Chronicle Big East basketball preview - Card Chronicle
Lots of Big East goodness in this preview.

Big East exceeding all expectations - Big East - ESPN
Big East: Great league or greatest league?

Bill Simmons, Establishment - Bill Simmons - Deadspin
It's easy to forget this now, now that sports blogs are everywhere, now that Simmons is as much of an establishment figure as Chris Berman, now that the man produces his own television show, but back when he first came to ESPN, in 2001, he seemed like a revolutionary figure.

Coaching salaries in the Big East - Big East - ESPN
USA Today did a terrific piece today on college football coaching salaries, complete with a searchable database. Doug Marrone unlisted.

Andy Katz's Daily Word: Taking a shot at ranking all 32 conferences - ESPN
4. Big East: The league may not have a top-seeded team in 2010 after getting three last season (Louisville, UConn, Pitt), but the strength of the league from 1-16 has gotten better.

Disgust: Big East Conference Style " Hoya Suxa
Evil Twin Generator of Big East Coaches